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The Full Story

My name is Galit and I was born in Caracas, Venezuela (1995).


When I was young, I was a very curious girl: constantly searching for the “why”. Early on I realized that creativity moved through me, and that it was up to me to take that imagination out of my mind and into something real, something tangible. 

While I was earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts at the Miami International University of Art and Design, I explored my skills in and out of the classroom. Even though I was just experimenting, not knowing what the h&ll I was doing, I later understood that my subject matter has always been us humans, and that's why my pieces are constantly changing and evolving, just like us. 

Combining different disciplines, like photography, painting, digital art, writing and any media that let me dance with it, I had the chance to taste what being an artist really felt like. Being an artist goes far beyond knowing any discipline, being an artist is mixing up the most important ingredient within your work. And that is the people. People  involved in any expression you decide to go with. For them, with them.


Through my different projects and exhibitions, including a SOLO SHOW at the COKREA SPACE, serrano (MADRID 2021); ARTIST Contemporary Art Fair (Madrid 2020); Be Art Gallery (Miami 2019); Canvas Miami Gallery (Miami  2019); Miami Circle Contemporary Art (Miami 2019); and Art Basel ( Miami 2018), I sought to establish connections and share my ideals, conveying unique messages with each of my pieces.​

In the search for more, I did a masters degree in film direction at the TAI university (Madrid). I wrote and directed my first short film in which I have had the opportunity to be internationally nominated and won as a first time film director. I plan to keep getting myself involved in different audiovisual projects as my path continues.


written and directed by galit.

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